Beauty Balls

Soothing Superpowered Snack

Beauty Balls

Soothing Superpowered Snack


Radiance Building



Rich in healthy fats, Vitamins E & B, and minerals, the sesame seed is a tiny superfood powerhouse that is often overlooked. They are acclaimed for supporting heart health and anti-aging in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Our Sesame Rose Balls pair these powerful seeds with fragrant rose, gentle spices, and calming tulsi to to create these uniquely soft and nurturing snacks. They are perfectly matched with your afternoon cup of tea, as an on-the-go breakfast or a luxurious in-between meal snack.

Ingredients: Sesame Seeds*, Toasted Tahini*, Gluten-Free Oats*, Raw Honey, Rose Water*, Saigon Cinnamon, Cardamom Powder*, Tulsi Powder*, Shatavari*, Pink Rose Petals*, Sea Salt, Rose Absolute E.O.*
* organic

Contains: Sesame


Elemental: Warming/Nourishing