How do Cookma products ship?

Our products ship with cold packs in extreme warm weather but are shipped without bulky packing materials or cold packs otherwise.  This saves us both money and conserves our precious resources.  When you receive your package, it needs to be opened immediately and all one-pot meals need to be stored in the refrigerator.  

In order to ensure they don't waste time in transit, we only ship Monday through Wednesday.  We do not ship on holidays. 

We have lab tested our products and we are confident that your food stays safe in transit, however if you receive a package that you have concerns about, please take photos and email us at info@cookma.co

Cookma is not responsible for any spoilage due to delay in unpacking or improper storage.

 Do Cookma products contain any allergens?

Cookma products are clearly labeled in the ingredient list and include allergen alerts where necessary. The only allergens in our products are: coconut, almonds (both tree nuts), and ghee (dairy). Our facility maintains the highest standards of cleanliness to prevent cross-contamination of allergens, but there are other allergens present in our kitchen.

How do I dispose of the Cookma containers?

We are proud to pack our products in compostable containers. Simply peel off the label (trash) and compost the container or pouch in your city-wide compost. 

Are Cookma products vegetarian or vegan?

While we thoroughly advocate for a thoughtfully sourced omnivorous diet, our products are vegetarian. The only product that contains an animal-based ingredient is our kitchar which contains ghee. All other products are vegan.

How long do Cookma products last?

Our refrigerated one-pot meals are best eaten in four months. If you’d like to store them longer, they can be frozen for up to one year. Our superpowered snacks will keep at room temperature for 4 months and can be refrigerated for up to 6 months.