Mama Bundle

After giving birth, your body rapidly adjusts to becoming a food provider, undergoes miraculous healing, and adapts to a completely new and continually shifting around-the-clock routine. It’s easy to permanently diminish your vitality by overlooking your special needs. However, this transformation can also be an opportunity to regenerate your body and charge your spirit for the road ahead by restoring Ojas or vital essence. With deep replenishment, you can move gracefully into future decades with the fortune of good health.

This bundle makes it easy to follow time-honored rejuvenation practices and provides 7 to 10 days of comforting meals for a mama and partner and an instructional guide on how to prepare for a postpartum that rebuilds vitality for the journey ahead.

Not all pregnancies end in birth and the road to having children can be non-linear. If your path to motherhood includes miscarriage, stillbirth, abortion, or adoption, know that this program is for you too. We honor and recognize you and your need for recovery.

"Our new family relied on Cookma after our daughter was born and we not only got delicious, healing food - we also got more ease and time. Cookma made it possible to do very little shopping, cooking, and cleaning so we could just stay together and rest. We are so grateful for this resource, and will continue to have Cookma as a part of our family."

- Oona C.

It is said that within the time after birth, there lies a sacred portal of healing for a woman in which she can heal longtime chronic issues in her own body. It is important to note that even if the 6 weeks after birth has passed, a woman can give herself a 40-day period of rest and recuperation anytime after childbirth and claim the healing that awaits her.