As a Libra, I’ve always been drawn to the alchemy of cooking and the practice of Ayurveda. My professional career has been in food concept design and product devel- opment where I’ve maintained a devotion to creating an intersection of Sustenance + Pleasure. For me, a recipe or meal “works” when it not only tastes good, but also feels good. I’ve so often found that there’s often tradeoff between these two. I know that it’s possible to have incredible food that is also incredibly good for us, and it’s been my professional mission to strike that balance.

My path to Cookma has been informed by my career as a chef, as an entrepreneur, as a yoga practitioner and teacher, as a holistic nutrition counselor, and most importantly, as a mother. Like so many people, I am continually calibrating and navigating how to hold parenthood, my career, and my own wellbeing in harmony. Cookma’s products are born from this experience, and I genuinely hope they bring more wellbeing, vitality & pleasure into your lives.