“I was struck by how effortless it was to prepare the Cookma meal kits. The incredible smell of kitchari filled my house and nourished me deliciously with almost no effort.”

- Michael S.

Designed for modern lifestyles while founded in traditional wisdom, our products are designed to bring optimal nourishment and pleasure with minimal effort. Cookma offers sophisticated and simple one-pot meals and superpowered snacks that support a healthy diet that is reliably satisfying and comforting.

Use our products for times of healing, cleansing, or just keep them as part of your regular meal planning. When you need to eat well but can’t even think about food, Cookma is there for you.

We’re proud to be a Sonoma County company.


The name and spirit of Cookma comes from India. While on a month-long panchakarma in Kottayam, India, our founder was awestruck by the incredible Ayurvedic food that was served. Each meal was the perfect balance of healing and pleasure. The woman behind this inspirational food was an 85 year-old grandmother who was affectionately known as “Cookma”. Her radiance and skill is the inspiration behind our food.


Cookma came into my life when my daughter was born. I gratefully had the foresight to create a postpartum food plan for myself based on Ayurveda which my mother prepared for me when my baby arrived. Something very painful and traumatic happened in the time after giving birth and I swear, the food saved me! Because it sustained me through my darkest moments, I made a commitment then to be in service to others through this powerful, yet simple food.

My professional career has been in food concept design and product development where I’ve maintained a devotion to creating an intersection of Sustenance + Pleasure. It is possible to have incredible food that is also incredibly good for us and it’s been my professional mission to strike that balance.

As a single mother, I am deeply inspired by self-care that is both effective and easy. The Cookma products provide that for me.

I hope our food brings more wellbeing, vitality & pleasure effortlessly into your lives.