Boob Balls

Superpowered Snack for Moms (and everyone else)

Boob Balls

Superpowered Snack for Moms (and everyone else)


Digestive Regularity


Reproductive Health

These superpowered snacks are designed to help you sustain your energy and support your digestion. They are the answer to your prayers when you need a quick bite on the road, in place of a late-night indulgence, or if you’re a nursing mother.

The Ayurvedic herbs, Ashwaganda and Shatavari make these treats extra special - ashwaganda is an herb that brings strength and potency and shatavari is especially beneficial for women as it supports feminine reproductive balance.

Drink a glass of water alongside for best results. Water allows the chia seeds to work their digestive magic.

Boob Balls aren’t limited to lactating individuals – they are an equal opportunity energy snack!

Ingredients: Gluten-free Oats*, Shredded Coconut*, Chia Seeds*, Nutritional Yeast, Almond Butter*, Raw Honey, Hemp Seeds*, Goji Berries* Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt, Shatavari*, Ashwaganda*, Fenugreek Powder*
* organic

Contains: Nuts


Elemental: Balanced/Nourishing