Jade & Ginger Congee

Traditional Rice & Ginger Porridge with Coastal Gomasio

Jade & Ginger Congee

Traditional Rice & Ginger Porridge with Coastal Gomasio





Cultures around the world rely on bowls of smooth, creamy congee to rebalance and heal. Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, our congee uses precious jade pearl rice for its grassy flavor alongside warming fresh ginger. Our Coastal Gomasio is tucked inside to add rich toasted sesame seeds, mineral-rich wild crafted dulse from the Mendocino coastline, and Sonoma Coast sea salt to your savory congee.

Good for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, this congee can be made savory or sweet. It’s excellent topped with an egg and some greens for a simple anytime dish or you can skip the Coastal Gomasio topping and add ghee and raw honey for a soothing sweet bowl. For an ultimate healing one-pot meal, slow cook with chicken thighs. It’s an incredibly adaptable and easy-to-digest dish.

Easy Directions
1) Large pot + Jade Ginger Congee + 7 cups water
2) Whisk in & simmer over low heat with a lid for 30 minutes, stirring regularly
3) Top generously with ghee or toasted sesame oil and Coastal Gomasio (for a savory bowl)

Ingredients: Jade Pearl Rice*, Fresh Ginger*, Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt, Coastal Gomasio (White Sesame Seeds*, Black Sesame Seeds* Wild-crafted Dulse, Sea Salt)
* organic

Contains: Sesame


4-month refrigerated shelf life

Learn more about how to use our jade & ginger congee here

Serving Variations

Sweet Congee: Skip the Gomasio and top with ghee and raw honey.

Simple Savory Congee: Top with protein of choice, a handful of seasonal greens, Gomasio, and toasted sesame oil o Congee makes an excellent canvas for whatever the season offers. Consider topping your bowl with roasted or steamed vegetables: shiitake mushrooms, carrots, dark leafy greens, purple daikon radishes, sweet squashes, mustard greens.

Soothing Congee for Rebuilding: Brown and simmer cubed boneless skinless chicken thighs with the congee. The chicken will shred and become one with the rice porridge. Top simply with toasted sesame oil, Gomasio, and cilantro. This is an excellent healing dish for a mono cleanse after giving birth, after surgery, or in a moment of destabilization. See our Journal recipe.

Elemental: Warming/Nourishing